Available only at Boardman location

Locally sourced GMO-free jumbo Grade “A” wings lightly dusted with gluten-free rice flour and fried to a crispy golden brown and tossed in your favorite sauce. No charge for split sauces (min quantity sauced is 6). Heat level listed below in parentheses.

6 Wings – $7.99

12 Wings – $12.99

24 Wings – $24.99

48 Wings – $48.99

Signature Wing Sauces

5 Alarm Garlic Parm (8):

A mixture of our Garlic Parm and XXX Inferno sauce. We highly recommend this sauce!

Black Magic (3):

Bold and tangy with notes of black pepper, cajun and garlic. Black Magic is an absolute MUST try!

Blast Furnace (Insane):

We are paying homage to the Valley’s steel making roots with this sauce. We combine cayenne, habanero, ghost peppers and the much feared Carolina Reaper. The peppers are combined with our proprietary red pepper blend to create this incendiary treat. Warning…Blast Furnace is not for the fainthearted. #hotfreak

Carolina Gold (3):

Unique blend of mustard seed, aged cayenne peppers, apple cider vinegar and just the right amount of spice. This is a smoky-sweet sauce straight from the mountains of South Carolina.

Creole Kicker (3)::

Soon to be famous blend of sauces…a taste of Louisiana and kicker rhymes with licker. We are partial…but we think ours is better!

Garlic Parmesan (1):

Fusing parmesan cheese with a kick of garlic & black pepper.

General Tso’s (2):

Sweet and slightly spicy with a kick from garlic and ginger.

Hot Garlic Parmesan (6):

Garlic Parmesan kicked up with our proprietary red pepper blend.

Jamaica Jerk (5):

A blend of dry spices with a kick of hot pepper, this caribbean-inspired wing sauce delivers spiced moderate sweetness alongside a mild, but lingering heat. Irie mon!

Mango Habanero (8):

Feel the burn, savor the sweet. One of our favorites!

Mesa Blue (6):

Our soon-to-be famous mesa sauce coupled with creamy blue cheese. It’s extraordinary!

Mesa Ranch (6):

Creamy Ranch seasoned hot & spicy with our proprietary red pepper blend with herbs and spices! It is a must try!

Rasta Hot Jerk (9):

It’s our Jamaica Jerk but kicked up with Carolina Reaper peppers! The hottest pepper in the world! Rasta Hot has a lingering heat.

Seoul Man (3):

It’s the embodiment of Korean cuisine. Addictive hot-sweet sauce that is a blend of soy sauce, chili pepper, garlic & honey. A taste of umami. Highly recommend this sauce…it is a great addition to split sauce orders!

Tso Spicy (6):

Same as the General but kicked up a few notches with hot peppers straight from the Orient!

Ultimate (3):

Our first blended sauce. It’s so good, you will be looking for some bread to mop it up.

Vindaloo (7):

A hot and spicy sauce that comes from Goa, a small state nestled in the middle of the Malabar Coast of India. Vindaloo curry is hot and spicy sauce that is loaded with savory, lightly sweet, and tangy flavors.

Voodoo (3.5):

Tomato based sauce that is sweet and spicy and everything nicey. Voodoo is sure to cast a spell on you.

Witch Doctor (10):

Our sweet and spicy Voodoo sauce combined with the Carolina Reaper. The witch doctor says it will cure what ails you!

XXX Inferno (10):

Frank’s Red Hot blended with ghost pepper sauce and our proprietary red pepper blend with a hint of butter. You won’t thank us tomorrow!

Traditional Wing Sauces

Garlic (0):

Fresh minced garlic blended in butter.

Honey BBQ (1):

Real Grade “A” honey adds smooth sweetness to the tangy vinegar and rich tomato. Balanced by natural hickory smoke and a hint of garlic. Sweet & sassy!

Honey Mustard (0):

Mustard and vinegar taste combined with honey. A true classic!

Hot (7):

Franks Red Hot blended with a bit of butter. Classic buffalo-style taste. Nice & hot!

Hot BBQ (6):

Our Original BBQ kicked up with our proprietary red pepper blend.

Hot Garlic (5):

Zesty garlic sauce with a little kick!

Mild (3):

Frank’s Red Hot blended with a lot of butter. Classic tangy buffalo-style taste.

Original BBQ (3):

Smokey, spicy, and sweet with tangy vinegar and rich tomato. Finger lickin’ good!

Ranch (0):

Creamy buttermilk ranch.

Teriyaki (0):

Savory and full-bodied. Soy sauce seasoned with sake, ginger, and sugar.